How MakerBot is Helping Scrub Daddy Accelerate Innovation

How MakerBot is Helping Scrub Daddy Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate Innovation

What do the following have in common?

• The most successful product on the reality TV show Shark Tank.
• One of the highest grossing campaigns on Kickstarter.
• The most innovative electric car company in the past decade.
• One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
• A computer company with a valuation larger than the GDP of most countries.

You probably guessed it. They’re all winning with MakerBot.

From the Coolest Cooler to Pfizer to Apple, entrepreneurs and companies across industries are accelerating innovation for less with MakerBot. This past January, we got an update on the most successful product to so far appear on Shark Tank: the Scrub Daddy. To kick off the second season of Beyond the Tank, a follow-up, where-are-they-now show, we learned that the famous smiley-faced sponge has done more than $75 million in retail sales. That’s within a period of just four years. We also learned that Scrub Daddy Inc. is 3D printing with a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer (5th Gen).

Even with those sales numbers, founder and CEO Aaron Krause has plans to make his brand a household name. And that means competing with major brands like Brillo, 3M, and Lysol. He’s got the backing of celebrity inventor, Lori Greiner, and has already formed partnerships with major retailers like, Walmart, Home Depot, and QVC. To efficiently expand, Scrub Daddy is cutting costs and saving time developing products by rapidly prototyping on a reliable, easy-to-use MakerBot.

According to Krause, “We have been able to test concepts in hours and each new print gives us a better experience so that we save even more time on the next go around. If you are an inventor and have endless ideas, you are stuck in the mud without one of these incredible ‘dream to life’ machines!”

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