3D scanning in cosmetics

3D scanning in cosmetics

Assessment and planning for beauty and cosmetic treatments have traditionally involved extensive manual processes; often requiring the full involvement of specialist staff like dermatologists and beauticians. Increasingly, technology is being used to support the beauty industry, and 3D imaging is one area of technology that has huge potential to transform the sector.

Fuel3D technology

Fuel3D develops cost-effective 3D scanning technologies that rapidly capture high-resolution, color 3D models of the human form. The company’s market-leading handheld 3D scanner, SCANIFY, is well-suited to applications relating to the beauty industry, including:
  • In-store facial skin assessment: Capture incredibly accurate, color facial models to enable in-depth analysis (texture, spot control, firmness, and wrinkle control) for customized skincare.

In addition, Fuel3D can develop custom 3D scanning solutions for specific or more complex scenarios, such as:

  • Digital preview: Allow customers to see virtual makeup and eyebrow details overlaid on their face scan.
  • Foundation color matching: Use the scanner’s accurate color capture to match foundations.
  • Permanent eyebrow stencil: Capture facial data to plan and then create custom stencil masks for each customer.


  • Improved cosmetic recommendations: Accurate 3D scanning captures intricate details related to skin tone and facial structure, which help enhance recommendations on cosmetic use.
  • Customer satisfaction: By using previous scans to conduct improvement analysis, customers can see evidence of their cosmetic improvements, giving them confidence that treatments are working.
  • Save time: Creation of bespoke eyebrow stencils can save the customer time each time they do their eyebrows.
3D Scanning

A 3D render of a face as seen in Fuel3D Studio software.

3D Scanning

A close-up of a face 3D wireframe clearly shows the level of detail in the model.